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Mobile Remote Monitoring of HMI

Being installed on a tablet or smartphone, Pro-face Remote HMI software allows operators to check status of HMI screens on multiple applications remotely.

With support for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android, Pro-face Remote HMI software allows you to assist HMI operation as a sub-display of HMI unit connected with a smartphone and tablet mobile device.

Quick 3 steps to use Pro-face Remote HMI
 1. Prepare Wi-Fi Router and connect to GP4000.
 2. Adjust GP application in GP-Pro EX and transfer it to GP4000.
 3. Download and install Pro-face Remote HMI on a tablet or smartphone.

Tested Wireless LAN Access Point

Tested Wireless LAN Access Point "SX-AP-4800AN" manufactured by Silex Technology, Inc.
Click here for further information

Tested Smart Devices

You can use Android Tablets for business use manufactured by Panasonic Corporation.
Please refer to the List of tested smart devices.